I have a simple Rails app deployed on a 500 MB Slicehost VPN. I'm the only one who uses the app. When I run it on my laptop, it's fast enough. But the deployed version is insanely slow. It take 6 to 10 seconds to load the login screen.

I would like to find out why it's so slow. Is it my code? (Don't think so because it's much faster locally, but maybe.) Is it Slicehost's server being overloaded? Is it the Internet?

Can someone suggest a technique or set of steps I can take to help narrow down the cause of this problem?


Sorry forgot to mention. I'm running it under CentOS 5 using Phusion Passenger (AKA mod_rails or mod_rack).


It would make sense if you pasted the relevant code. E.g. your application controller, the controller you're talking about that takes 6 to 10 seconds to load, your environment.rb and so on.

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Accepted Answer

If it is just slow on the first time you load it is probably because of passenger killing the process due to inactivity. I don't remember all the details but I do recall reading people who used cron jobs to keep at least one process alive to avoid this lag that can occur with passenger needed to reload the environment.

Edit: more details here

Specifically - pool idle time defaults to 2 minutes which means after two minutes of idling passenger would have to reload the environment to serve the next request.

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