In PHP you can get the number of week with 'date('W');' and it will return ISO-8601 week number of year

Now how I can get the days of an specific week and the month(s) ?

Update: For example I know 'Monday the 12th week of 2011' and want to get '31st March'


do you mean something like input:date (1/1/2011) output: sunday ?

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@fingerman: I have updated the question.

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Do you have year information?

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@afuzzyllama, yes. :)

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possible duplicate of Calculating days of week given a week number

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@ircmaxell, that question didn't asked on an specific language.

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Accepted Answer

For days in a month you can use cal_days_in_month and for days in a specified week you can check out the following question: Calculating days of week given a week number

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