I'm using joomla and acesef as a plugin and I need to get the full querystring as is. The problem is when I use $_SERVEr['QUERY_STRING'] it contains the joomla QS isntead of my custom parameters.

A javascript or PHP solution would do. thanks

Edit: Sample URL www.test.com/sc/my-account.html?action=payment-method I want to get


Instead I get



could you give an example of the url?

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$_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] is the best you're going to get. What kind of custom parameters are you talking about? Can you show an example?

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www.test.com/sc/my-account.html?action=payment-method but the server variable contains the joomla query string (com_content...)

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So is this a rewritten url?

Written by Nort

www.test.com/sc/my-account.html - yes

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Accepted Answer

Found the one that solves my problem var qs = window.location.search.substring(1);

Thanks everyone SO rocks :)

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