I have a table "exercise_results". People put in their results at the beginning and then two months later put in their results to see how much they improved. Their beginning set has the exercise_type_id of "1" and the end set has the exercise_type_id of "2".

I need a way to display this out into a HTML table that looks like this:


Normally I do this using a foreach loop, but that's with single rows. I'm having trouble combining two rows into one. I think this may be as simple as some kind of MySQL join? We identify each person by their person_unique_id.

Here are my fields:

id | person_unique_id | person_name | exercise_type_id | mile_running_time | bench_press_weight_lbs | squat_weight_lbs | date_of_exercise_performed

Sample rows:

1 | J123 | John Smith | 1 | 8  | 200 | 300 | 2010-03-20
2 | J123 | John Smith | 2 | 7  | 250 | 400 | 2010-05-20
3 | X584 | Jane Doe   | 1 | 10 | 100 | 200 | 2010-03-20
4 | X584 | Jane Doe   | 2 | 8  | 150 | 220 | 2010-05-20

I've tried a few solutions but I'm lost. Any help would be great. Thanks!


In response to the comment below, I would hope for some data like:

array 0 => array 'Exercise' => array 'person_unique_id' => string 'J123' 'person_name' => string 'John Smith' 'begin_mile_running_time' => string '8' 'end_mile_running_time' => string '7' 1 => array 'Exercise' => array 'person_unique_id' => string 'X584' 'person_name' => string 'Jane Doe' 'begin_mile_running_time' => string '10' 'end_mile_running_time' => string '8'


Can you provide an example of your expected output, based on the sample data?

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Sure. See my edit. Edit: I'm having trouble formatting the array nicely.

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Is the database fixed? I mean, could you change the tables?

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Not really. There is already a lot of data in the tables being used in a production application.

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You can do this with the query by grouping by id and selecting MAX(IF(exercise_type_id=1,mile_running_time,'')) AS 'Start', MAX(IF(exercise_type_id=2,mile_running_time,'')) AS 'End' etc... can be a bit challenging but I just had to do this sort of rollup.

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Accepted Answer

You can use group_concat to get a two rows result like this:

SELECT person_unique_id, person_name, group_concat( mile_running_time ) AS miles, group_concat( bench_press_weight_lbs ) AS bench, group_concat( squat_weight_lbs ) AS squat FROM exercise_result GROUP BY person_unique_id

Your result will be like:

J123  |  John Smith  |  8,7  |  200,250  |  300,400

X584  |  Jane Doe  |  10,8  |  100,150  |  200,220

And then you can use php explode with the result fields to get the results for each type.

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