Whenever I indent HTML in PHP mode, emacs (22.1.1, basic install on Redaht Linux over Putty-SSH) pops up a frame and tells me to get MUMODE or somesuch extra add-on. I installed PHP Mode without a big hassle, but I don't know how to get this multi-mode rolling.

I'd like to know 2 things

  1. How to install and configure multi-mode
  2. How to disable pop-ups in Emacs


Can you give more specific instructions as to how to reproduce this? I'm not sure what you mean by pop-up, and I can edit PH/HTML files without any such hassle here.

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Open a PHP file laden with HTML Markeup, try indenting the HTML, eventually you'll get a second window telling you how badly it fails and launches a second window frame saying that you should get MuMaMo.

Written by Peter Turner

Accepted Answer

If you're running emacs 22, you should just be able to run:

M-x nxhtml-mumamo

when editing an html document. You might want to add it to your auto-mode-alist to get it to automatically load for html docs. See here for more info:


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