i mean the HTTP/1.1 xxx yyyyyyy

header i can modify all others with mod_headers but want to be able to return a status 200 for 403 error pages to a particular user-agent that dosn't display the text of my 403 pages {it displays an alternate page}

just asking if anyone knows an env-var or header name i can alter in apache.conf to alter this header in any way {once i have that i can work out the making it user-agent specific bits


this is specifically to deal with one user-agent {not IE} {a moblie transcoder} that doesn't pass the 403 text to the human user {and the 403 page gives details on how to un-ban themselves}

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Accepted Answer

You could set up a php script for your 403 error page and modify the header with that script:

Put a line like this in your .htaccess or Apache configuration file:

ErrorDocument 403 /path/to/your/error/script.php

And the following in said php file:

if($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] == 'FooBot 1.2') {
  header("HTTP/1.0 200 OK");

Or do the same thing in your preferred language.

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