I'm looking for advice, tutorials and links at how to set up a mid-sized web application with Kohana 3. I have implemented MVC patterns in the past but never worked against a "formalized" MVC framework so I'm still getting my head around the terminology - toying around with basic examples, building views and templates, and so on.

I'm progressing fairly well but I want to set up a real-world web project (one of my own that I've been planning for quite some time now) as a learning object.

I learn best by example, but example-based documentation is a bit sparse for Kohana 3 right now - they say so themselves on the site. While I'm not worried about learning the framework as I go along, I want to make sure the code base is healthily structured from the start - i.e. controllers are split nicely, named well and according to standards, and most importantly the business logic is separated into appropriately sized models.

My application could, in its core, be described as a business directory with a range of search and listing functions, and a login area for each entry owner. The actual administrative database backend is already taken care of.

Supposing I have all the API worked out and in place already - list all businesses, edit business, list businesses by street name, create offer logged in as business, and so on, and I'm just looking for how to fit the functionality into a MVC pattern and into a Kohana application structure that can be easily extended.

  • Do you know real-life examples of "database-heavy" applications like directories, online communities... with a log-in area built on Kohana 3, preferably Open Source so I could take a peek how they do it?

  • Are there conventions or best practices on how to structure an extendable login area for end users in a Kohana project that is not only able to handle a business directory page, but further products on separate pages as well?

  • Do you know any good resources on building complex applications with Kohana?

  • Have you built something similar and could give me recommendations on a project structure?


I'm awarding the bounty to @antpaw because he provided me with a Kohana application with some business logic that is giving me a lot of examples. Cheers @Pixel Developer for your excellent input as well - as so often, I'd wish one could split a bounty!

Accepted Answer

i would use the auth module that comes with kohana for the login. This will give you the roles table where you can setup the possible permission options and relating them to the users later. After that you can check inside the __constructor() or action_function() of each controller whether the user has the required role e.g. with the ->has() function. You also should use the ORM module, its just awesome, since you have many relations between the tables. Also the __get() method inside an ORM object can be extremely handy.

Its also pretty easy to extend a controller function by setting the new parameter to NULL and checking for that in a if statement. e.g. you need only one function for editing a old entry or adding a new one.

public funciton action_manage($id = NULL)
    $entry = ORM::factory('entry', $id); // if id is null a new entry will be returned 

It's also important that you structure the views into sub folders to avoid a messy view directory.

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