It is in an area, about which I don't now anything, but it's very important, I think.

Just now, I'm finishing the script of big portal. But how can I be sure that the client will not use my script in other sites?

Are there any script hash algorithms?

Please help me to understand how can I protect me, and my script...


Technically, you can't. Legally, if they do that, you can sue them, but that's very much not programming related.

Written by Piskvor

You should check your contract with your client. It might turn out the code is already theirs to do as they please with.

Written by JeremyP

You seem to be confusing legal issues (copyright) with technical issues (script hash algorithms). I suggest getting good legal advice (including whether the script is legally your or your client's; that varies by contract and, if not specified, by jurisdiction), and asking how to hinder reuse of PHP scripts by technical means.

Written by David Thornley

Accepted Answer

You can use Zend Guard or any other PHP obfuscator.

Written by fabrik
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