I am in the process of porting some sites from my own server to Google (GHS). I've always used ZoneEdit to manage my DNS needs and in the past - wrongly or rightly - configured it so that:

domain.com and www.domain.com pointed to: <my known ip address>

With the www sub-domain all is fine and it (www.domain.com) resolves to ghs.google.com (via a CNAME entry) and the site is displayed.

However, if I try and reach the bare domain (domain.com) FF states it is unable to establish a connection. I assume this is because my DNS configuration has no A ip-address entry for it anymore.

I was considering forwarding any URL from domain.com to www.domain.com, although possible ZoneEdit is not recommending it I think because I telling it to only forward requests for http://domain.com and leave http://www.domain.com as it is (i.e CNAME configured).

Am I handling this the best way?

Please advise.

Accepted Answer

According to the article on URL forwarding in the Google Apps Help, forwarding your naked domain to the www domain is the best way to handle it.

And then you leave the CNAME record for the www domain to point to ghs.google.com, as you already have done.

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