I have not found a way to update a .Net domain service after I changed the underlying entity model.

So when there are changes to the model I create a new domain service as workaround and copy my properties/methods from my old domain service to it.

Is there any easier and maybe less error prone way?


Is this WCF RIA Services with siverlight? if so please tag as such

Written by Ian Ringrose

@Ian Ringrose As far as I know this applies to every application using Ado.Net. In fact in my case I work on an offline WPF application.

Written by Amenti

Accepted Answer

Well, the best thing I found are partial classes. In addition to the automatically created DomainService.cs I add a DomainServiceProtected.cs where my implementations I don't want to have overwritten every time something changes in the entity model reside.

Written by Amenti
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