I am receiving an error once this code runs. I have looked up possible solutions but everything seems to be formatted correctly.

$searched = 'searched';    
$count    = '59';
$prop     = Array();

$i = 0;
while ($i++ <= 4) {
    array_push($prop[$i] = Array(
         'text' => $searched,
         'href' => 'http://mysite.com/?search=' . str_replace(' ', '+', $searched)

array_push($prop['Total Searches'] = $count);

I receive this error 5 times for the while loop, and 1 time for the array_push under the while loop.

Warning: Wrong parameter count for array_push()

The code works correctly! but it still calls out the error. So should I just suppress the error?


I altered your formatting a bit to make it vaguely legible. Next time, please go ahead and do that yourself!

-1 for considering "just suppress[ing] the error". +1 for realising that it might not be a good idea, and asking about it. :)

Thank you, I couldn't figure out how the back ticks worked. Im going to create an account here since I received an answer so swiftly

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SO is pretty awesome.

Accepted Answer


array_push($prop['Total Searches'] = $count);


$prop['Total Searches'] = $count;


You only use array_push to push a value on to the end of a list-style array. This is not relevant here, as you're just setting a new key/value pair.

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