I'm using HeidiSQL ( http://www.heidisql.com/ ) to manage my databases at work (I prefer this over phpMyAdmin).

Now, I want to use HeidiSQL with my personnal host plan, but when I connect to MySQL with my host, I connect with "localhost" in PHP but at work, I connect to databases with something like "supersqlserver.foo.net"...

Is there a way to connect to my hosted database with HeidiSQL? Is it common practice with hosts to allow the use of software like this?

BTW, the host where I want HeidiSQL to work is HostGator.

Accepted Answer

When you can't connect to the MySQL server directly, for example a firewall blocks the access from all network protocols, except HTTP protocol, you can use HTTP tunneling. Here an example of connecting to MySQl through Httptunnel using HeidiSQL.

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