the idea is to use SVN (Tortoise) but, the thing is I dont have and dont want to use a server, cuz this will be used with only one person, is a college project.

I have an old computer that I could use to make a server, the idea is to use it like a server. What documentation should I read, or what should I do to make it happen?...


If you want to do it the easy way, just grab VisualSVN Server;

Written by Daniel Sloof

the server can be on the client computer.

Written by Shawn Mclean

Didn't know that was possible.

Written by Artemix

Why not use a version control system designed to work without a server like Git, Bazaar, or Mercurial?

Written by Daniel Straight

@Daniel: the only difference here would be the path of the repository. Oh, and the tools: TortoiseSVN is excellent.

Written by nickf

Accepted Answer

I'd suggest you to use git instead of svn for this.

Written by Dogbert
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