I'm looking for a way to identify EAN / UPC (primarily EAN) barcode numerals from a camera-captured image in PHP or Javascript. I've found a few libraries for Java but ideally would like one of PHP or JS to manage it. Not sure if feasible, but any advice appreciated!

Edit: tried http://zxing.org/w/decode.jspx with some sample images from iPod Touch camera, with mixed success.


There is probably going to be a server-side tool for this. Can you install / use command-line tools? What system are you on?

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At the moment on Unix/Apache VPS, but just wondering how feasible it is on any platform.

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Also, yes, have root access.

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Accepted Answer

I did a project where this was a requirement so we ended up using this library. http://sourceforge.net/projects/zbar/

A fellow consultant working with me wrote up an image crop tool that allowed a user to crop an uploaded image down to just the barcode, this was then shoved into a ghetto MQ using sqlite, where a resident agent running on the machine polled sqlite and processing pending records ( transaction_id, path2file, date of trx ) reported back to the application via a web service call the result.

I was the one that did the R&D for this feature request and I don't remember any bar scanning libraries for PHP plus Python isn't so painful to learn, just got to master daemonizing a python script to run as a service then read up on urllib2 for sending the response back to the PHP app. We did it in 48 man hours between two people, add another 15-20 hours to learn enough about Python and it should be doable.

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