How can you make mysql understand non-English decimal points in integer/float fields?

setLocale(LC_ALL, 'da_DK.ISO-8859-1');


0,25 will be inserted as 0
0.25 will be inserted as 0.25


Why would 0,25 insert as zero? SQL had a DECIMAL data type, so I'd expect the value to be stored as 0.25

Written by OMG Ponies

I'm assuming the parser can't handle it and is breaking on comma.

Written by Tremmors

Accepted Answer

One of the reasons you can't do that is that the comma , is used for separating field-values in INSERT statements.

INSERT INTO a(b,c) VALUES (3,4,5) would be ambiguous.

Should it result into b=3.4 , c=5 or b=3 , c=4.5 ?

Written by ypercube
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