Can someone tell me whether the number of MySQL procs (average) at 0.39 is a lot??? I've gotten it down from 1.18 - 1.24 range. Our shared hosting provider says their limit is .4. Our site is not real big, though does make use of 5 DBs and has several pages that connect to the various DBs. To me it doesn't seem like a lot, but I have no frame of reference. Site traffic has pretty much been the same for the last 9 months. We’re averaging 108/visits per day and 5,234 page views a month. Most DB tables are small, the two largest are around 6,200 records and the other is around 350,000 records. The large one I was planning on archiving some old un-necessary data from several years ago and re-indexing to help performance, though not sure if this is an issue.


May I ask what "MySQL procs" are?

MySQL processes

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It seems like kind of a lot to me, yeah, for the kind of traffic you're talking about. I suspect you have some slow queries going on that would benefit from better indexing, or maybe some lengthy maintenance jobs. You might want to look into MySQL's slow query logging faculty.

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