I was recently looking at some web hosting solutions and some of the providers offered various hosting locations e.g. US or UK based servers.

My question is: does it really make a difference from the performance point of view? Lets say that I am expecting most of the traffic coming from continental Europe?

Would the fact that the servers are based in UK make bigger difference if the traffic was coming from the UK.

Any pros and cons of having a website hosted in the same county as the most of the expected traffic?


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Accepted Answer

Yes, obviously it does matter to some degree.

This degree depends on the level of your site optimization (size of the pages, usage of AJAX, Flash etc)

Example from my experience. Round-trip from russia to USA is 200ms. It does not make any difference for the small web site optimized for the performance, but it makes a huge usability difference for SmartClient accessing Web API of this site.

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