I'm interested in starting an open-source project based on an idea from another thread, and I think that it would be valuable to have a system in place to allow ideas for the new project to be proposed and voted up and down. I discovered the IdeaTorrent web-application, which is just what I'm looking for, except that I would have to sign up for web-hosting and install it myself.

Are there any open-source software project hosting web-sites that have such a voting feature available already? Can anyone think of another way to quickly and easily achieve this sort of collaboration? If there are no other options, I am willing to figure out how to set up IdeaTorrent myself.

Update: I've examined both options suggested and found that each has advantages and disadvantages. Uservoice is more polished and uses a short subject line combined with an unlimited description. However, it also only allows users to allocate 10 votes at a time. Google Moderator has a simpler upmod/downmod system, which I prefer, but it only allows 250 characters for the whole idea description. It seems to me that Uservoice is the better option right now.

Another update: IdeaTorrent is now available at Sourceforge.net (thanks scottyab).

Accepted Answer

uservoice.com (as used by SO)

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