We use SVN at work (ie. this is not an open-source project) and have an off-shore team working in our code. I'd love to be able to communicate better with them and the commenting system provided by GitHub would be perfect.

With GitHub's system I can start a discussion on any line of code in a commit.

So, my question: does anyone know of a hosted SVN provider that has a similar tool?

To be clear, I'm looking specifically for discussion tools that allow convenient discussion about the code. The GitHub tool lets you start a discussion on a line of code in the source browser.

I'm not looking for a formal peer-review tool, but rather a discussion tool designed to foster conversation about the code in a commit.

We are using Assembla currently and they don't offer this sort of functionality in either the Trac repository browser or their home-grown repository browser.

Example on YouTube


you need to add that it's for closed source code.

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yep, done. thanks.

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Accepted Answer

Any hosting that provides access to Python. You can use Trac with discussion plugin

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