I'd like to know if it is possible for non-root user on linux (i'm using openSUSE) to run apache without using sudo command. Take into account that the user is in the same group as apache (wwwrun).
Thanks in advance.


IF I knew I would answer, but instead I'll tell you that this is not a programming question :) Seriously, though, I do not know the answer. It's a great question, in fact.

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Thanks and yes,I was not sure if this question fits in programming, however I gave it a try :).

It's arguably programming-related, as the most common reason for wanting to do this, in my experience, is so that a programmer can more easily restart apache on his development box.

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Accepted Answer

The problems pointed out above by benlumley, i.e. log files and reserved ports, can easily be overcome by configuring the log directory and port in your httpd.conf.

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