There are many free online services which provides you with large spaces to store your personal materials, mails, etc. But is there any place that can let us host our code - which keeps the change history?

Google Code or SourceForge may not be a ideal place because it requires creating a project which is specific and useful to others, while what I want is a place to hold any kind of code which I think is useful but may not be for anybody else.


If it is not useful to others, why put it online at all? Use SVN on your local computer, it doesn't require even having a server process to operate locally.

Written by n0rd

I believe it is safer and more convenient to access from multiple places, ie, office and home

Written by lzprgmr

I think the word you are looking for is "private".

Written by OscarRyz

Accepted Answer

You can get free GIT and SVN hosting at

Written by DanSingerman
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