I am in need of an online project management tool that includes SVN hosting as my team of developers are all remote. I stumbled on a site called Unfuddle and have read decent reviews so far. I am very protective of my code and want to make sure I keep it safe from any unwanted eyes. Has anyone used this tool and are there any better options for my startup?

Thanks in advance!


I don't believe this is appropriate for SO, but I've heard negative things from a user of Unfuddle, primarily performance complaints. Honestly, if you have a widely distributed team it makes more sense to go with a distributed VCS such as git, mercurial or bzr. I'd recommend github.com if you go with git.

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This IS appropriate for SO but OP you should reword the question so it isn't subjective. hobodave is wrong because unfuddle DOES have git. I use it and I like it.

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Accepted Answer

I used Unfuddle for two different projects. I found it work very well and without significant problem. If you are very worried about Unfuddle, it has an automatic backup that can either mail the backup to you or put it onto Amazon S3, which means you can restore your svn repository elsewhere if you decide you don't like the service.

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