Hey, guys,
Can you suggest me a good java web hosting provider?
I'm located in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) if the location matters.
Will be happy on something cheap and reliable.


EDIT: Thanks all. I've decided to use Amazon EC2.


Google app engine. Its free.

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Accepted Answer

Amazon EC2. I'm using it for several years already. You can pay as much as you really consume. I like their recent addition - micro instances. They are small and cheap.

Big advantage (for me at least) - you have raw Linux machine - just install all you want, no limitations about this. Service is reliable enough (telling from experience) - I had some problems, but they are minor issues (especially if you have backup, which is very simple and fast with EBS snapshots).

Plus they provide a lot of other very useful services (that are elastic) like SQS/SNS for message queue and topics, S3, etc.

They have also datacenters in Europe (Ireland).

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