I am working on a site, and everything is working in my local environment as well as on a test server I have here and everything works fine. but when I upload it to my host, nothing seems to work!?

The Asp.Net javascript validators fire, but any and all of the jquery is not working? I even put in a simple



<div id="test></div>

And nothing is happening? I have triple checked that all the js is uploaded (to my /js/ directory

The site is here: http://whoowes.me (it is in it's infancy still... barely started) and the Login/Register/Contact buttons should all pull a modal popup (not change pages, that should only happen if JS is disabled) and the word 'test' should show up under the menu.

Can JS be disabled from the server? Wouldn't make sense though as the asp.net javascript validators are showing up?

I am completely confused here, any ideas would be great!


Not to snoop around, but where is the jQuery file? Is it in the root directory? Do you have some kind of routing set up for js files?

Written by geowa4

BTW - I think the idea for your site is great.

Written by Diodeus

Side Idea is indeed fantastic.

Written by Pim Jager

Accepted Answer

my host did not default to have .js in their MIME types, so I had to add it in:

extension: .js

Written by naspinski
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