Some pain today as with everything new and exciting. I am attempting to install Kaltura CE on a subdomain on my Media Temple DV runnning plesk 8.6.0. I get to a step that asks for my apachectl path and I enter correctly but keep getting errors as listed below. I do know this is meant to be on a dedicated box but as with everything I am sure there is a way to make it work.

> /usr/sbin/apachectl

The path you inserted is not valid. Please try again.
The full pathname to your Apache apachectl/apache2ctl file:
sh: /which: No such file or directory
sh: /which: No such file or directory

As always, any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

After much pain and hours of trying to make something work that really cannot work. I set up a box using Ubuntu 10.0.4 and installed kaltura following the directions from Getting this to work would involve modifying your my.conf file to support lower_case_table_names = 1 which will render Plesk unusable. My recommendations for installing Kaltura would be to follow the step by step instructions using the patched xampp file they provide you with.

Installing Kaltura on 10.04

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