Log4Net doesn't write when iis hosting a WCF Service. it works great when i use the self hosting ( Visual Studio Development Server), but when i run it using the IIS it doesn't write anything.

i read about this prolem and the conclusion is that it must be a permission problem, but i don't know how to solve it.

how can i check that i have a permission to write a log file? where can i change the permission? change AppPool users? Can you give me some simple steps of how to check if i have a permission problem?

i'm an administrator on my computer. i'm trying to create the file in the project folder. The file is a rolling file appender.

thank you.

Accepted Answer

For my IIS hosted WCF services with HTTP endpoints, logging to App_Data has proven to be the easiest solution.

<file value="App_Data\log.txt"/>
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