I am familiar with ASP.NET. I need to make a simple webpage using PHP within 4 days. What is the best tutorial out there to learn quickly.


Wat kind of site do you need to make? What kind of techniques do you need to use?

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possible duplicate of What is a good online tutorial for PHP?

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It is for a part-time job. The requirement is familiarity of PHP to create "simple" webpages.

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Accepted Answer

Try this tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/php/

However, I perfected my PHP skill by writing a lots of small scripts on my own server.

If w3schools doesn't teach you, get a PHP book instead.

Like how Adobe's official ActionScript tutorial begins with telling you what computers can do. A typical PHP tutorial will teach you how HTTP requests work, which you can skip to save time because you know ASP.NET

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