Are there any software packages available for hosting Mercurial repositories on my own server, apart from the very basic script that comes with it?

I've looked over the PublishingRepositories wiki page at Mercurial, and the only viable alternative in that list is the hgwebdir script, which I've set up, but it's rather basic.

Does anyone make better website software for Mercurial hosting?


One thing to consider is that hgweb is kept in sync with new mercurial releases in a way that others aren't. For example, mercurial-server, which hg-ssh with some repo management features, doesn't (didn't?) have subrepository support six months after mercurial added it. Hgweb had it from day zero.

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Accepted Answer

There's various ways to publish mercurial repositories as mentioned in the link you provided, but hgwebdir is the only method that supports multiple repos.

with hgwebdir.fcgi, you can use fastcgi and apache or nginx. 

This can be useful for publishing multiple repos using web server.

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