I have always used mod_rewrite for creating clean looking URLs, until recently I didn’t know there was any other option. A few weeks back someone on here pointed out that exactly the same effect can be achieved using apache PATH_INFO. Thinking about it now, I assume this is what most PHP frameworks do, optionally relying on mod_rewrite purely to remove the index.php bootstrap from the URL.

All leads to a few questions:

  1. Which is the better way of creating a clean and flexible URL structure like: /page/var/foo/bar/2?
  2. What are the relative advantages/disadvantages of the two methods?
  3. Which method peforms better in terms of resource usage etc.?


Accepted Answer

with pathinfo you will always have script name in the url, which looks pretty lame (and not considered valid by some agents). I'd suggest mod_rewrite as primary method with pathinfo or 404 handler as fallbacks.

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