I have RewriteMap configured to use an external application for rewriting the inbound URL. Works great. My concern now is threading and performance. Is there a way to have the external application process multiple request? We're using a RewriteLock now, so that only one thread at a time sends a request to the external application, but this seems like a performance bottleneck.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

Accepted Answer

I found this interesting dicussion with an apache developper: http://www.webmasterworld.com/apache/3124928.htm

The bottleneck effect does not afraid them. If your mapping program is fast it should be ok. You could maybe test if this bottleneck effect exists.

The lock is used to prevent threaded requests to use the stdin of your prg in the same time. Seems difficult to change the way it works.

I have never used rewriteMap this way, I prefer using hash files with it. Is your internal redirect dynamic? If not you could make an hash file.

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