I'm building a tasks system wich has 4 tables:


id | user_id | end_date
2  | 1       | 2011-02-10


id | username
1  | johndoe
2  | janedoe


id | role_name
1  | coordinator

and tasks_roles_users

id | task_id | user_id | role_id
1  | 2       | 2       | 1

Each task has a creator (ie: johndoe is the owner of task #2), and each task has several users with different roles on that task, in my example "janedoe" is the task #2 coordinator. I'm stuck trying to show to "janedoe" and "johndoe" how many due tasks they have, and I'm having this problem since "johndoe" hasn't a role in the task, he's just the task owner. So how can I tell to both they have 1 task due?

Accepted Answer

You can accomplish this by doing a LEFT JOIN

SELECT u.id, u.username, 
    IFNULL(t.Cnt,0) OwnCount,
    IFNULL(tr.Cnt,0) RoleCount
    IFNULL(t.Cnt,0) + IFNULL(tr.Cnt,0) TotalCount
FROM users u LEFT JOIN (
    SELECT user_id, COUNT(*) cnt
    FROM tasks
    GROUP BY user_id
  ) t ON u.id = t.user_id
    SELECT user_id, COUNT(*) cnt
    FROM tasks_roles_users
    GROUP BY user_id
  ) tr ON u.id = tr.user_id
WHERE t.user_id IS NOT NULL OR tr.user_id IS NOT NULL
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