Prior to PHP 5.3 I used to name interfaces/abstract classes like this:

abstract class Framework_Package_Subpackage_Abstract {}

interface Framework_Package_Subpackage_Interface {}

Now with PHP 5.3 and using namespaces I can't use my convention anymore, because interface and abstract are reserved keywords.

namespace Framework\Package\Subpackage;
abstract class Abstract {}

namespace Framework\Package\Subpackage;
interface Interface {}

So, what should I name my classes/interfaces like?

Thx for any suggestion! :-)


Hasn't abstract/interface been reserved keywords since PHP5?

Written by Imran

yep, they are ; but, using names like Framework_Package_Subpackage_Abstract for classes solved the problem of having these words alone as classnames.

Written by Pascal MARTIN

but that wasn't a problem so far, cause the interface's name include the whole package path for autoload purposes.

Written by Philippe Gerber

Accepted Answer

SubpackageAbstract, SubpackageInterface

Written by erenon
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