I played around with Rails on my laptop (running Linux + Apache + MySQL) and had no trouble getting the Getting Started with Rails tutorial to work locally. Now I'm trying the same thing at work on a remote Mac OS X + Apache server, and things aren't quite so rosy.

I typed rails blog -d mysql to create a directory called blog in /Library/WebServer/Documents/mydirectory. The trouble is, if I go to server.com/mydirectory/public, I get the public/index.html in my browser. But, I don't get this file if I go to server.com/mydirectory/. Instead, I get a 403 error. Also, when I:

script/generate controller home index

to create:


I am unable to view this file, whether I go to server.com/mydirectory/home/index, or if I add a new line (map.root :controller => "home") to config/routes.rb and go to server.com/mydirectory.

Am I missing something really obvious about Apache and Rails?

Accepted Answer

Apache does not support Rails out of the box. You have to get mod_rails aka Passenger installed. Or, you could just use the server that comes with Rails, which is much easier (but not suitable for production). To do this, go to your directory and do ./script/server.

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