Can somebody explain how null is mapped in these statements?

null>0; //=> bool(false)
null<0; //=> bool(false)
null==0; //=> bool(true)


null<-1; // => bool(true)

I assume it's some mapping problem, but can't crack it.

Tried with PHP 5.3.5-1 with Suhosin-Patch.


Erm, what is it you are trying to do? All those statements are valid.

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Use === type checked equality if you want accuracy

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If only PHP's null was like an SQL null...

Written by Marc B

don`t try to find the logic, it was more like mindfuck question, which I encountered during codding

Accepted Answer

I would point you to a few pages:

So in your final example:

null<-1 => bool(true)

The null is cast to false and the -1 is cast to true, false is less than true

In your first two examples null is cast to false and 0 is cast to false, false is not less than or greater than false but is equal to it.

Ohh the fun of null ! :D

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