Is anyone aware of of anybody offering hosted perforce servers? It doesn't have to be free - but preferably not too expensive!

My understanding of Perforce is that it's free to use for personal projects, which mine is. Currently I have a perforce server setup on the same machine as the code is on which doesn't offer much security in case of computer failure.

If not, can anyone recommend one of the alternative solutions that is similar to Perforce? I have experience of SVN but cannot say I enjoy the experience.


I use Perforce at work, and SVN at home, and haven't had any particular problem with SVN (especially since starting to use TortoiseSVN). What problems have you had with SVN?

Written by Dominic Rodger

Well if I'm to be honest SVN worked well enough when I used it. I just don't enjoy the experience. With Perforce I've never had any problems but with SVN I have often done something that has caused nightmares - copying folders with the .svn folder and then trying to submit that folder as a new folder etc. Obviously all my fault, but annoyances never the less.

Written by Oliver Hume

Accepted Answer

You can use Perforce for free with up to 2 Users and if you have to you can even share one account with several users, although it's a little inconvenient to do so (and it might be a license violation).

Personally i installed Perforce server on my Internet machine which is up 24/7. I'm using a dynamic DNS service to allow others to connect to my Perforce server using a sane address like "". My upstream is 1.5 MBit/s though so that's a speed others can work with on their end but if you happen to have no more than 128 kbit/s it can be a little slow. But it really depends on the project size. Plus there are ways to make working with a slow connection to Perforce easier, like the "reconcile offline work" menu item or by using a Perforce proxy.

I concur that SVN seems like a PITA when you come from a Perforce background. As soon as you do a lot of branching and merging, Perforce is still heaven compared to any other SC system.

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