We are looking for open source tool for hosting our internal projects like "Google Project Hosting". The tool should support individual wiki and version control for each project and it should be easy to configure for each project like in google code. We explored trac but seems it lack good support for multiple projects. The tool will be installed in our internal host and cannot use hosted service. A java based tool will be ideal.


The OP says it must be internal, not externally hosted.

Written by David M

As I said, we cannot use any hosted service. This tool must be installed internally as not all projects are public. Thanks.

Written by Jeesmon

Accepted Answer

You have a few options, depending what you're looking for.

If you want an integrated sort of solution, the software running savannah is available.

If you consider going commercial, some of the atlassian tools are pretty nice, though not particularly cheap and not really as tightly integrated as google code.

If you're willing to do some of the glue work, or live with a less integrated solution you'll probably end up with somewhat better individual pieces.

  • For a code browser I believe warehouse is now open source.
  • For a wiki there are lots of open source options, TWiki for example.
  • Trac provides wiki and bug tracking db

I'm not aware of anything that does what google code does overall, it is a real shame that sites like google code, source forge, and the new comers like github don't provide their own software.

Written by Angelo Genovese
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