I was wondering if there was a way to override the asset host of an image.

For example lets say I have the following asset host and image tag

config.asset_host = "www.xxx.com
image_tag "blerg.gif"

This would out put and image tag with the scr:


Is there a way to change the asset host inline for example:

image_tag "blerg.gif", :host => 'www.yyy.com

Which would change the asset host of the image.



you can pass your full url like image_tag "http://www.yyy.com/blerg.gif"

Written by nash

Yeah it just works, answer it and I'll give you a point :p

Written by Smickie

Accepted Answer

You can pass your full url: image_tag "http://www.yyy.com/blerg.gif"

Written by nash
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