I have a server program (works on all three major os systems), created in c++ which strives to connect two strangers for communication. My current model seems depreciated, and I am simply wondering if there is a better way to go about serving the clients.

-server receives connection request
-checks for ban
-starts thread for this socket

[the thread simply loops through these steps]

-confirm connection with partner (check manager)
-if unconnected request partner from manager class
-receive on my socket <- client sends keep alive packets every 2s or so
-on disconnect inform manager, and close thread.

[the manager class works like this]

-add socket: push_back on my vector of sockPairs
-request partner: find unconnected sockPair, if none exist create new sockPair, once connected, mark sockPair for removal, if already marked, remove it.
-remove socket: add flag to manager id of partner that I've disconnected
-check socket: check manager id for disconnection

I'm thinking a map would be much more efficient, however I'm not positive, as I've never worked with them, what else do you think I should change? I'm hoping to be able to serve 200 clients with this model, I'm really unsure if the current model could handle it...

Accepted Answer

A thread per connection simply does not scale. You need to use a mechanism such as select(), poll(), epoll(), WSAAsyncSelect() or anything else that will let you query a set of sockets for events. Then you process each socket in order, and repeat.

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