I'm having the following problem:

Our users are using Macs running Mac OS Leopard to connect to an Xserve running Tiger Server (Version 10.4.11) via AFP.

On the Xserve, I created a user group called "staff" (using Directory Admin) and put some user accounts into that group. Then I made the group "staff" owner of the folder I want them to be able to access.

Now, whenever any user accesses a file on the server and saves it, its permissions revert to the user's permissions instead of those of "staff". Even stranger: When I create a new folder via AFP, and give "staff" Read/Write permission, it immediately reverts to "Everyone: No Access"

I'm pretty weirded out. Any pointers towards a solution would be greatly appreciated.


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Accepted Answer

Try looking up the effects of the setuid and setgid bits on directories. MacOSX is Unix, and it reminds me of a problem I had on HPUX about eight years ago.

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