I used [HOST=subdomain.mydomain.com] for some settings, but now I want to apply settings to everything except subdomain.mydomain.com.

This is my php.ini file:

display_errors = Off

I want disable_functions = phpinfo for all other domains except subdomain.mydomain.com. How can I do this?

Regards, Kevin

P.S. I'm using Ubuntu, Apache2 and PHP5.

Accepted Answer

You say: "everything except"...I think what you want is the ability to specify a wildcard in the php.ini for the [HOST=] section header. It doesn't appear to be a currently supported feature, based on the documentation. You'll need to list all of your hosts explicitly, if you want to use this approach.

If you're not married to doing this a centralized php.ini, you can set this in Apache by using the php_value directive. Set disable_functions in each virtual host to the value you want.

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