Since every user has a unique PHPSESSID, is it possible for two users, say a to inject info into b's SESSION data using standard PHP running on the server.

Note, I am not using this for any wrong purposes. Trying to use it for chatting without DB access.

Thank you for your time.

Accepted Answer

I'm assuming you want to somehow have A chat to B by sending a message which gets placed into B's session.

First of all, A needs to learn B's session ID, perhaps by selecting their name from a list. You'll almost certainly want to encrypt these session ids, otherwise you have created a nice security hole!

So, A posts data to the server containing the target session id, and a message. Here's how we could temporary switch session ids to write that data into the target session:

//get data from form - I'll leave the encryption of the target
//session id up to you!

//remember our "real" session id and close the session

//open the target session

//add message to target session

//close target session

//reopen the "real" session
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