the string looks like this:


what I want is to remove the first bla_ (only if it's found at the beginning of the string)

How can I do this? with str_replace() it removes all bla_'s

Accepted Answer

Plain form, without regex:

$prefix = 'bla_';
$str = 'bla_string_bla_bla_bla';

if (substr($str, 0, strlen($prefix) ) == $prefix) {
    $str = substr($str, strlen($prefix), strlen($str) );

Takes: 0.0000369549 seconds

And with:

$prefix = 'bla_';
$str = 'bla_string_bla_bla_bla';
$str = preg_replace('/^' . $prefix . '/', '', $str);

Takes: 0.0001749992 seconds the 1st run (compiling), and 0.0000510216 seconds after.

Profiled on my server, obviously.

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