I have an array that is in a certain order and I want to just cutoff a portion of the array starting from the first index to the index of a given key.

IE... If i had this array

$array = array("0" => 'blue', "1" => 'red', "2" => 'green', "3" => 'red', "4"=>"purple");

I want to cut off the first part of the array before the key "2" (as a string) is seen. So the end array would be something like...

"2" => 'green'
"3" => 'red'

Thanks, Ian

Accepted Answer

For your case you can use

print_r(array_slice($array, 2, count($array),true));

EDIT: For edited question

$cloneArray = $array;
foreach($array as $key => $value){
  if($key == $givenInex)


Then use $cloneArray

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