Is there really a way to do this ? Retrieving raw .php file from the server (other than getting into server's FTP account) ? Is this the reason why there are tools/script to encrypt php source code ?

If it's true, then how to protect against it ? (without using php source code encryption)

edit: the server mentioned has php running, eg. apache-php-mysql, your standard hosting server configuration.

Accepted Answer

If you are talking about someone else's server, then the short answer is no. If third parties could read your PHP source code, that would be quite a security hole, since PHP files tend to contain database passwords, hash keys, proprietary algorithms and other goodies that you don't want falling in the wrong hands.

If you are talking about your own server (ie. that you yourself have access to), then there are simple scripts that you can put on the server, that allow you to specify a path to any file on the server and have it returned as plaintext. However, you NEVER EVER want to place such a script on a production server, for the reasons mentioned above.

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