I have this variable: $logged_in_person_rsvp - its value = -1

Then I run this code:

$yes_checked = ($logged_in_person_rsvp===1) ? "checked" : "";
$maybe_checked = ($logged_in_person_rsvp===-1) ? "checked" : "";
$no_checked = ($logged_in_person_rsvp===0) ? "checked" : "";

echo '<p>logged_in_person_rsvp: '.$maybe_checked.'</p>';

And I get output as nothing. But I was expecting the output to be -1

Anyone understand why? This is weird syntax I inherited :)

Accepted Answer

Try using two equals signs like "==" instead of 3 and see if that makes a difference. If so, your strict comparison is probably messing up your intended result.

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