I have a string:

...<a href="http://mple.com/nCCK8.png">...

From this I am trying to strip out the

"nCCK8.png" part

I tried substr, but that requires 2 numbers and didn't work as it can be in different positions in the string. It does occur only once in the string.

The base string always has mple.com/ before the nCCK8.png part, and always "> after.

What is the easiest way to do this?


You need preg_match()

Written by jakenoble

have you heard about explode function? $var1 = explode('/',$var); and then echo $var1[0] $var1[1] $var1[2] $var1[3]; to show the contents

Written by Fernando Costa

Accepted Answer


$_ = null;
if (preg_match('/([^\/]+?\.png)/i',$data,$_)){
  echo $_[1];

Working Demo: http://www.ideone.com/3IkhB

Written by Brad Christie
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