i am working on a site which has dynamic NEWS page... currently when ever i post some news its plain text... i want it to be formatted for various reasons...

the thing is i want a post editor like Stackoverflow (the one we use to post our answers)....

i don't want code sample but i want the following things in it

  • text formatting... bold,italic
  • hyperlinks
  • images
  • bullets

and a preview of what the post is going to look like

i don't know any jQuery or AJAX... just HTML, PHP ,CSS, Javascript... but necessity is the motivation for learning...

any help... maybe some tutorials... what i need to learn & some sample code\example\projects...


p.s what ever i post is from online web page which is a part of website....

Written by Junaid Saeed

Accepted Answer

The StackOverflow editor makes use of a markup called MarkDown, of which there are various implementations for many languages. In fact, the one in use here is open source, MarkDown Sharp.

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