Ok, I am using codeigniter and I have a secure login section. Inside the login users are able to download files.

What I need to do is stop people been able to access the file directly. I figure there will be a way using .htaccess to check for a authenticated variable that I could set in the POST array or something similar.

Any pointers would be good, was a bit of a hard topic to google because I'm not really sure what the best way to do it is.



The question is not specific to CodeIgniter. I would tag it as PHP instead.

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A good Google would be: php secure file download

Some helpful results I found for you:

To keep the files inside your webroot and password protect the directory they are inside of, and then use PHP to push the file(s) to the browser for download: http://www.nopersonal.info/aboutkateers/php_stuff/php_force_download.php

Or, if you have access to a directory above your web root: http://forums.tizag.com/showthread.php?t=893

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