I use the following codes to log users out from a web app. while logging in I set cookie email and password, but after logging out, visiting the home page automatically logs the user in again, probably because the cookie wasn't successfully destroyed. Please how do I get it right. Here is log out code

function log_out() {
   $old_user = $_SESSION['valid_user'];
   $result_dest = session_destroy();

   setcookie('email', '');
   setcookie('pswd', '');

   if (!empty($old_user)) 
     if ($result_dest)
       return true;
       $msg = 'Could not log you out ';
        $msg = 'You have not been logged in so you are not logged out ';      
   return $msg;


Please do not store people's passwords in their cookies. See stackoverflow.com/questions/1410901/… for better ways of doing the same thing.

Written by Tesserex

from a security perspective, it's a really bad idea to store the password in a cookie. you may want to read over the two strategies here: static.springsource.org/spring-security/site/docs/3.0.x/…. (even though the docs are for a java package the principles are still very applicable!)

Written by stevevls

Accepted Answer

You need to set setcookie to an expiration date in the past. See the example here:


Written by onteria_
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