I am in a partnership with someone. We are currently planning a system that can either use ASP.NET MVC or PHP With //Insert your framework here//. At this stage I can't say to much. Now the thing is I have a bit of experience with C# and MVC. I understand the concepts and actually wrote a fully functional blog with it. Now the other side of me wants to take PHP for a test drive. Will I waste my time? How good will ASP.NET MVC scale against PHP? I have to say that I love visual studio and the integration of MVC tools like quickly adding a view and a controller... Everything fits nicely. But the learning curve was quite steep and still is. I haven't really touched AJAX and Jquery yet but how easy is it to use it with ASP.NET MVC? I already googled and researched this but I want opinions of those who have been working with these technologies.

Whats your guy's opinion on this? Should I stay with .net?

Regards RaVen

Accepted Answer

You don't give any deadlines. If you have time look at PHP. Remember if you use a framework you need to eventually understand that framework if you're going to use it for anything long term or critical. You can barely do any PHP but you can throw up a site quickly with PHP, it might not be the best thing, again, unless you have time.

If you know ASP.NET and you don't have time or the inclination/passion to learn something new (a new language that is), then don't waste time with it. Use what you know. Make money with it so you can eat.

At least with your knowledge of MVC you can start learning the Ajax and Jquery stuff immediately.

What does your partner know how to do?

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